Tuesday, April 19, 2011

my creed

You may have noticed the saying on the top of my blog. Simple, to the point, and meaningful.. to me anyways. I have a creed that I live by, I look to this creed anytime big decisions come or hard times come my way; which it seems is more often than not lately.

Have Faith. Be Humble. Do Good Things.

That's it. That's all there is. I have a series of tattoos that represent this creed, and serve to remind me. I have two of three completed.

amelie by ~mr-eric on deviantART
This is a quote from the movie Amelie. It translates "Times Are Hard For Dreamers" I get grief for that tattoos I pick, everyone seems to think I'm emo or something. If you look at the quote simply at face value, I could see that. It is depressing to think about if you are pessimistic by nature. I am not wired that way. I look at the quote with this perspective; if times are hard for everyone then me having hard times is not out of the ordinary. It's the cross we bear.. it is a call to have faith that things will change, will work out, will get better.

mr-eric - sic transit gloria by ~mr-eric on deviantART
This is a very old quote dating back to the fifteenth century. It translates "how quickly the glory of the world passes away". Again with the emo quotes? No, not so much. This can be looked at much like the lyric "everything that shimmers is sure to fade away". Not a ho-hum, life sucks, nothing ever lasts comment. It is asserting that material things come and go, and looks fade. It reminds me to Be Humble. Pay attention to the things that matter and not to focus on worldly things. Truly appreciate people in their many facets and ways.

Now what about "Do Good Things" you ask? Yes.. well I have not found my quote for that yet. After getting my first tattoo in this series, it took me three and a half years to decide on my next. Having just got that one, I have a feeling there'll be a little bit of time before I get the final tattoo in this set.

Hope you enjoyed the small insight in to my mind, thoughts?


Wednesday, April 06, 2011

with a bang..

Well, how to start this off? With a BANG!  Only right now I'll admit, I don't have much bang in me.

How about I just admit defeat, let the air out of the tires and say.. Hi, I'm Eric! I'm a good person, I try to be funny, I consider myself interesting.  I have a great many things to say and if you stick around you'll get to take a peek into my mind; for better or for worse.

For now, I'll bid adieu while I work up a few things to talk about.